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Yanmar Hand Rotary Tractor VS Hand Plow Tractor Two-wheel tractor or walking tractor are generic terms understood in the USA and in parts of Europe to represent a single-axle tractor, which is a tractor with one axle, self-powered and self-propelled, which can pull and power various farm implements such as a trailer, cultivator or harrow, a plough, or various seeders and harvesters. The operator usually walks behind it or rides the implement being towed. Similar terms are mistakenly applied to the household rotary tiller or power tiller that may be wheeled and/or self-propelled but often is not. A further distinction is seen in the two-wheeled tractor's ability to operate disparate types of agricultural equipment, while rotary tillers are smaller and specialize in soil tillage. This article concerns two-wheeled tractors as distinguished from such tillers. Research has identified a number of terms used to identify two-wheel tractors, including "iron-ox; walking tractor; Kubota; mechanical ox; ox-machine; power tiller; rotary hoe, rotary plough, rotary tiller; Rotavator, [and] tok-tok". "Power tiller" can be understood as a garden tiller/rototiller of the small (3--7 hp or 2.2--5.2 kW) petrol/gasoline/electric powered, hobby gardener variety; they are often sold as a rotary tiller, though the technical agricultural use of that term refers solely to an attachment to a larger tractor. Alternatively, the terms "power tiller" or "rotary tiller" are always understood in Asia and elsewhere to be rubber- or iron-wheeled, self-propelled machines of 5--18 hp (3.7--13 kW) and usually powered by heavy-duty single-cylinder diesel engines (many Asian countries historically have had a high luxury tax on petrol/gasoline). Adding to the nomenclature confusion, agricultural engineers like to classify them as single-axle tractors. For clarity, the rest of this article refers to the self-propelled, single-axle, multi-attachment tractive machines as two-wheel tractors. Engine type : TF 65 H-di, TF 65 R-di, TF 65 LYS-di, TF 70 LY-di, TF 70 H-di, TF 85 MH-di, TF 85 MHS-di, TF 85 MR-di, TF 85 MLY-di, TF 85 MLYS-di, TF 105 MH-di, TF 105 MR-di, TF 105 ML-di, TF 115 MH-di, TF 115 MR-di, TF 155 H-di, TF 155 R-di, TF 300 H-di Copyrights : MrZygy3