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Noel Bruno Dawsan was born in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, the son of a Tamil tea plantation worker, and the sixth of seven children. He had planned to join the church but switched to tour guiding. Sanjika Perera of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board describes Bruno as "a courteous and humble individual... he is an inspiration to others who are also working hard to change the circumstances they were born into." What you said Your praise for Bruno included: "He is a cultural ambassador for his country"; "I've never come across another tour leader with such a sparkle in their eyes"; "He is un-showy, and a generous and kind human being"; "Bruno clearly uses his job to get travellers close to the local community... he even invited us to his impending wedding"; "Knowing Bruno has enriched our life"; "Travelling with Bruno was like travelling with family"; "What distinguishes Bruno from other guides is his selflessness and generosity"; "His soul is beautiful, gentle and pure." The judges' view Mark Ellingham said: "We often see guides who come from humble beginnings. But they don't get much humbler than Bruno's." Graham Boynton added: "Bruno's kindness and warmth jumps out from the testimonials." Bursary plans Bruno plans to plough his bursary into education. He has already sponsored two students who have both gone on to university in Sri Lanka and hopes to sponsor three people from poor families to study English and IT. He is currently running a computer centre where ten pupils are being given subsidised tuition and intends to sponsor people to attend his guiding course, thus creating a new generation of extraordinary tour guides. To nominate a guide for the 2011 World Guide Awards, go to www.worldguideawards.co.uk