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For broadcast quality material of this reel or for more information about our Public Domain collection, contact us at info@footagefarm.co.uk Vietnam War - Color, 1968: Tan Son Nhut & Tet Offensive Attack Aftermath, 31Jan-01Feb68] Pan w/ motorcycle to intersection; parked tanks & military vehicles on highway. POV past line of armored personnel carriers w/ soldiers. 00:30:31 Dead Vietcong on on ground on back; CU & MS. Other dead beside runways; ammunition & B-40 rockets nearby. Blood from mouth. Ordnance specialist in camouflage uniform w/ cigarette in mouth removing or defusing ??. 00:31:22 CU of various ordnance. Large CH-37 landing w/ smoke behind from Vietnamese airforce bombs. 00:31:46 Parachute flare falling & lighting night sky. 00:31:54 Slate: 31Jan68. Vietnamese soldier in sandbagged bunker, military ambulance past & thru gatehouse onto base. Men standing near jeeps; ambulance past. Soldier w/ rifle beside truck blocking road; checks passing jeeps. 00:32:42 Smoke ring in sky from bombing in distance. Men quickly unloading ammunition crates from UH-1D helicopter; loading onto truck. Other ammo off truck & into chopper. MCU stacking. UH-1D slowly taking off. 00:33:56 Night w/ flares & ground lights. Brief bomb burst. 00:34:09 Slate: 01Feb68 Tan Son Nhut attack. High angle from tower (?) of group of men tending wounded on stretcher; moved w/ IV into MEDEVAC 'copter; another brought & loaded. Doors closed & taking off, other UH-1D in revetments. 00:36:04 UH-1D w/ men unloading ammo crates. 00:36:15 Slate: 01Feb68 Tan Son Nhut Attack. Jeep w/ ammo crates on hood backing out from observation position; unloaded by bottom of tall observation tower. 00:36:58 Wounded carried on stretcher to MEDIVAC copter from ambulance. Helicopter leaves, ambulance past. UH-1D copters leaving. 00:38:53 ECU Black hand on fuel nozzle refueling helicopter, MS closing capt. LS Men loading large crates onto MEDIVAC. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk[