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If you wish to acquire broadcast quality material of this reel or want to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at info@footagefarm.co.uk [Vietnam War - 1969, USS New Jersey (BB-62) Last Line Period Off Vietnamese Coast, 20-24Mar69] Slate: 20Mar69 Camera Petersen. 11:04:00 HA MS Gun director officer in gun director, the director swinging around. PAN left to twin mount 5” guns, both guns firing. 11:04:58 CU Wake of USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62). CU Looking down over sun-speckled water, abstract light patterns, passing under ship's bow, tilt up to horizon. 11:06:31 Slate: 22May69 Petersen. 11:08:44 HA MS Turret #2 turning, MCU center gun elevating, coastline of Vietnam; a round is fired, gun is lowered, raised & another round fired. Repeats. 11:09:13 HA CU Radar antenna on gun director, PAN down to gun director officer sitting on top of gun director with his phone. 11:09:24 Slate: same. 11:09:35 HA MS Elevated 16" gun firing multiple times w/ much brown smoke. 11:10:22 CU Ship's journalist obtaining pilot's name, while he is still in cockpit of Army UH-1DD on deck, pilot then climbs out of 'copter, two pilots walk over deck, pilot posing next to helicopter for a photo. 11:11:01 MS Photographer w/ speedgraphic takes pilots pictures. Pilot shaking hands w/ CAPT J. E. SNYDER, C.O. of NEW JERSEY. MS Two pilots pose w/ SNYDER next to 'copter. 11:11:24 Large crowd of ship's crew posing next to 'copter; two ship's cooks w/ large cake. 11:11:49 Slate: 24May69, Petersen. Pilot & journalist; CU thru view finder of camera PAN back, looking over right shoulder of photographer taking a picture of pilot. 11:12:14 UH-1D on deck of ship, main rotor engaged. Side view lifting off from deck, flying out, circles & fly-by. Coast Guard Patrol Boat nearby. 11:13:23 HA CU Ship's officer closing small hatch on a weather deck compartment; PAN right, shoulder patch of the "Screaming Eagles", an airborne division patch; officer & two men walk towards lifeline. HA CU Two Coast Guard Patrol Boats tied alongside NEW JERSEY, as they receive fresh water. Men on board. Navy Life; Naval Activities; Battleships; NOTE: Cake was to celebrate 500th helicopter landing on BB-62 since recommissioning. GOOD color & coverage. NOTE: BB-62 was formally recommissioned 06Apr68, decommissioned 17Dec69.