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Come visit us at: http://www.afimilk.com Vietnam Project is the largest dairy project of this kind in the world. The project will supply 40% of Vietnam's milk consumption. Ten Israeli companies are involved in the project, all under S.A.E. Afikim's managerial wing. S.A.E Afikim, together with AlefBet Planners, is undertaking the establishment of one the largest dairy farm project ever in world terms and the biggest ever by an Israeli firm. The scope of the project is around $500 m. Upon completion the dairy farms will produce half a million liters of milk per day, which represents 40% of the total Vietnamese consumption. Milk consumption per capita in Vietnam today is 11.5 liters, compared to 150 liters in Israel. The annual production per cow is 3,500 liters, one third of the production of the Israeli cow. Two thirds of the milk supply is provided mostly from imported milk powder. The project is the fruit of the entrepreneurship of a Vietnamese businesswoman who embraces a vision and recognizes the enormous potential of establishing a highly developed, modern milk industry in the country. The chairwoman was impressed by S.A.E Afikim's technology and computerized Herd Management systems as well as the achievements of Israeli dairy farming. After in depth examination of proposals by the other leading companies in the field, she chose to bestow upon S.A.E Afikim the responsibility to provide the execution of all the elements of the project, including the management of the dairy farms, in order to reach the objectives of efficiency and profitability set for the project. Participating in the project together with S.A.E Afikim are Alefbet Architects and Galil Engineering as well as sub-contractors and suppliers of farming machinery. The project also involves cattle procurement, field crops, feed centers and supplying semen and genetic counseling. A first shipment of 1600 New Zealand heifers arrived in Vietnam at the end of February. Additional shipments will arrive every 50 days. The total herd will comprise of 30,000 cows in ten mega dairies equipped with state of the art milking parlors and barns. A milk processing plant is also being built. Thirty Israeli dairy and field crop experts will be involved in the establishment of the project and will continue on managing all aspects together with their Vietnamese counterparts. Concurrently, Vietnamese managers and workers will participate in courses and field work in Israel.