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MeatVideo.com (Factory Farms, eat less small or most abused chicken, pigs, eggs, dairy, fish), MercyforAnimals.org, VeganBodyBuilding.com, VeganHealth.org (Dietitians), PCRM.org (Drs), FamousVeggie.com, VegCooking.com, VegGuide.org, VeganOutreach.org...THANK vegans for keeping your food semi-safe and more sanitary by pressuring them to stop the biggest abuses - cages, drugs, mutilations, big-huge factory farm conditions. Warning Graphic, if you don't like it you shouldn't search and click on it. I know some like to flag/report videos, we already talked to admin about that, terms say if educational in nature such videos are allowed! If you care about stopping what is happening rather than hiding the truth share on FB often plz. Huge Factory Farms make Hunting seem nice!