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Visit my travel blog at www.gethappytour.com During our time in Uganda with Dragoman (trip ZNN) we stayed for a couple of days at the Chimpanzee Guest House - near the Kibale Forest National Park and town of fort Portal. One morning (August 27th, 2009) we were there we went on a guided walk around the local tea plantations, guided by one of the people from the campsite. We walked through a couple of small villages on the way and met loads of kids who, although they probably didn't understand a word we were saying, were happy to interact with us. One or two of them knew how to ask our names, and tell us their names as well as say hello which was cool. On the walk we also saw a lake, some tea plantations, a tea plant nursery, some tea workers and some great scenery. This video shows mainly the kids in the village.