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If you wish to acquire broadcast quality material of this reel or want to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at info@footagefarm.co.uk [Vietnamese War - 1960s, U.S. Government Films: U.S. Army Advisor In Vietnam] Montage: CH-21 (?) helicopter unloading troops in grassy field; Australian & US soldiers talking; talk w/ Vietnamese; military advisors; rifle training; medic; training situations, CUs. 23:00:49 Main title (extremely dark). 23:01:30 US Army Captain William R. Johnston talking in road w/ Vietnam ARVN, MCUs. On maneuvers, watching troops advance in fields, crossing streams. River. ARVN 1st Battalion guarding sugar mill. 23:04:25 Training w/ artillery emplacement; sugar cane trucks, military vehicles on road, patrolling rice paddy, Machine gun & mortar training 23:06:17 Searching civilian; Vietnamese farmers / civilians repairing damaged road. Bus & people along road. 23:07:46 End R1 23:08:02 Military into village; waiting by stream at night, night patrol thru woods, grass. CH-21 arriving & unloading troops, watched by by Johnston & ARVN. Burning hut, CU. Communist propaganda booth destroyed. Vietnamese guerillas being questioned in village, CUs. 23:10:27 Tracking w/ armored personnel carrier / APC across paddies, shadow over foliage. Vehicles across rice paddies; POV. 23:11:18 Montage: artillery firing, bulldozer operating, man on radiophone, medical, riverboat, men wading & boats across river, crossing field. Training w/ outdoor lectures, soldiers listening w/ weapons. Johnston demonstrating Claymore mine, translator at blackboard. Wiring mine, firing w/ explosion. 23:14:31 Jeep w/ ARVN & Johnston fortify village w/ medical supplies, etc. 23:15:23 Advisor 1st Lt. Joe Clement w/ ARVN. Master Sgt Jones of Baltimore. Advisors & Vietnamese talking about irrigation project & protecting laborers. View of road destroyed by Viet Cong, ARVN engineers w/ bulldozer & locals repairing. 23:17:12 Waterways, native boats w/ sails & oars; POV past village. 23:17:59 End R2 23:18:12 Johnston talking w/ woman & others; passing out books. Loading lumber on military LCM river boat & moving stream; dug in ARVN troops. Pit w/ punji sticks / booby trap. LCM unloading & constructing fortification w/ bulldozer. Blockhouses constructed & razor wire stretched. Soldiers dig moat. 23:21:45 ARVN shot by sniper airlifted out. Bulldozer mired in mud, pulled out by men & another bulldozer. Families move into finished fortification protected by guardpost; soldiers leave & capture Viet Cong on way home. MCUs. Village inspected by advisor; meets w/ ARVN soldier, talking & making notes. 23:27:30 The End credits Self-Promotion; Anti-Communism; Cold War; NOTE: Any continuous 15 minutes sold at per reel rate. Quality of footage varies. NOTE: FOR ORDERING see: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk