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The infamous Final Sorra makes a return! In this Black Ops 3 Trolling video, I party up with Final Sorra to try out the new Zombies game mode for Black Ops 3. Well expect I didn't go into the game trying to actually play. As always, he rages like no other! If you want more Black Ops 3 videos, be sure to leave a like! ENJOY! PLEB SHIRTS HERE --------------------------------------- ● http://bit.ly/1GgkrNu Final Sorras Channel (Older Brother) ----------------------------------------------- ●http://bit.ly/1GXP1Ns STALK ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! ----------------------------------------------- ● Twitter http://bit.ly/1xpCtJm ● Twitch (Live Stream) http://bit.ly/1pYlU2X ● Facebook http://on.fb.me/1qfAUM4 ● Instagram http://bit.ly/1JBL9yZ TROLLING REQUEST FORUM ----------------------------------------------- ● http://bit.ly/1ULlBru MY OTHER CHANNELS! ------------------------------------ ● My Second Channel http://bit.ly/TWSkju ● My Community Channel http://bit.ly/137uIfL MUSIC USED! -------------------- ● Intro Music http://bit.ly/1jpty6c ● Outro Music http://bit.ly/1MsOnt0 --------------------- - If you read down this far, then you're a boss. Thanks for watching!