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Breeders of many of the All Japan Grand Champions Koi 錦鯉 fishes, brothers Futoshi, Shigeru and Takahiro Mano have Adeyto visit one of their facilities in Ojiya 小千谷, Niigata 新潟県, Japan. This part of Japan is known for the most delicious production of rice as well as for the Koi Farms breeding the now world-famous Japanese Carps. Mano family breeds Koi with very pure bloodline, good bone structure and wonderful color contrasts of glazed Sumi (black) and sharp Beni (red). Koi are domesticated common carp that are culled for color, they are not a different species and will revert to the original coloration within a few generations if allowed to breed freely. 5 to 10 parenting couples would produce 2.000.000 Koi offspring (babies are called Fry) a year. The Fry are moved to natural mudponds and culled (sorted) 4 times from June to October and culled again 4 times from November to May. The number of Koi that are considered beautiful enough and worth keeping decreases from 2.000.000 to 20.000 and then to only 500 in 2 years and only 100 in 3 years. The prices increase with age and quality and many carps cost a few thousands dollars. Koi can live for centuries. One famous scarlet koi, named "Hanako" (c. 1751 July 7, 1977) was owned by several individuals and was reportedly 226 years old upon her death. Dainichi Koi Farm official site http://www.dainichikoifarm.com Soundtrack "Fuji-San" by Julianne http://julianne.net/ This documentary belongs to a series called "ADEYTO -visual diary-" that began due to the fact that ADEYTO is to busy to actually write a diary entry. Shot by ADEYTO on a digital photo camera. Created by ADEYTO.