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In this video, Dr. Nate answers some fundamental questions about indoor growing. Indoor farming is a new farming approach that utilizes volume in unconventional spaces. It’s powered by new technology and benefits both farmers and consumers. *Benefits of indoor farming to farmers* High density production Economic production Controlled production Consistent production Unique branding *Benefits to consumers* Food that reaches the fringes Food with higher quality Food from farmers you know Will indoor ag replace field agriculture? Only for certain crops, and not all at once. The total market share will be eroded, but field agriculture will never be completely replaced. What is unique about an indoor farm? Indoor farmers think about production space as a volume rather than square footage. This changes the form of growing equipment from single plane to multiple plane, and then to vertical plane for maximum volume use. This means that more and more, indoor farming will equate to vertical farming. Why is the world using indoor farming? Different places are starting indoor farming from different motivations, most of which depend on the markets and the resources that they have. For example: Japan has unique resources in the form of government subsidies, underutilized semiconductor and microchip facilities. US indoor farmers are powered mostly by markets with high demands and value for local produce. China is motivated by food safety concerns and demand for safe produce. In addition to all this, indoor farming is a wild west industry- a small space that’s expanding quickly, with tons of opportunities… especially for people wanting to get in on the ground level. What can you do for the indoor farming industry? Buy local Start a farm Help an indoor farmer ----------------- Timestamps/What's Covered: 00:18 What is indoor farming? 03:03 Goals for indoor farming 03:50 Benefitys of indoor farming 05:14 What role it plays in the industry 06:45 Current status of indoor farming 08:05 The future of indoor farming 09:08 Why does indoor farming matter? 13:35 Get involved ----------------- Connect with Bright Agrotech: Website: https://brightagrotech.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrightAgrotech/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrightAgrotech Instagram: https://instagram.com/zipgrow ----------------- Music by: Scott Gratton http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sco...