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The most popular Wind Power Website in the World! http://www.MyWindPowerSystem.com - shows you footage of wind turbines manufactured by the biggest wind power companies in the world. Detailed company information here: http://cli.gs/jvDmUp Sorted by mega watts installed worl wide in 2007: 1. Vestas (Denmark) 4,500 MW 2. GE Energy (United States) 3,300 MW 3. Gamesa (Spain) 3,050 MW 4. Enercon (Germany) 2,700 MW 5. Suzlon (India) 2,000 MW 6. Siemens (Denmark / Germany) 1,400 MW 7. Acciona (Spain) 870 MW 8. Goldwind (China - PRC) 830 MW 9. Nordex (Germany) 670 MW 10. Sinovel (China - PRC) 670 MW If you are interested in building your own cheap and cost effective Wind Turbine for your home helping you to drastically reduce your monthly energy bill, then look here for detailed plans: http://bit.ly/8xDG0s or http://MyWindPowerSystem.com Music: 'Around The Way Girl' (Stompin' System Mix) by URBAN COWBYZ (c) 2009 Boom Bang Records UK