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http://www.patelagro.com | Tea harvesting machine is a unique machine used by tea plantations in harvesting tea leaves. Tea harvesting machines are best choice for them who want mechanised tea harvesting. Tea harvester, tea harvesting machines or plucking machines are common in most of the tea growing areas today due to labour shortage. We also offer tea harvesting machine 410mm (cutting width) , tea harvesting machine 600mm (cutting width), tea harvesting machine 1210mm (cutting width), tea harvesting machine 1400mm (cutting width), tea harvesting machine 1600mm (cutting width) and ride on type tea harvester. Tea harvesting machine is also known as Tea Harvester, Tea Plucking machine,Tea Leaf Plucker etc.. Patel AgroTech Pvt. Ltd. is India's No. 1 Solution Provider In Tea Field Mechanization. Patel Agro is authorized distributor of OCHIAI brand tea field maintenance systems such as Tea Harvester, Two Man Tea Harvester, Mechanical Tea Harvesters, Tea Pruning Machines etc. manufactured by OCHIAI CUTLERY MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd., Japan for North India. They supply Original & Authentic Ochiai brand mechanical tea harvesters, mechanical tea pruners etc along with spare parts. Contact Details:. Email : info@patelagro.com Website : http://www.patelagro.com For Tea Plucking Machines : http://patelagro.com/products/tea_harvester For Tea Pruning Machines : http://patelagro.com/products/tea_pruner