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http://www.idealprotein.com/us/clinic-locator https://www.facebook.com/IdealProteinLohja (recipes!!) More recipes on this channel, but not all are phase 1 friendly but you can totally adjust it so that it is. He rocks!! http://youtube.com/leanbodylifestyle More information: http://shop.islandergirl.com All the products I use and the dieting method I do as well as any thing I wear can be found at my website. I truly live and share what I love! :D Part One... The zero calorie Thai peanut sauce :P I call it Swimming O'Rama because the peanut sauce is zero calorie :D How cool is that? FYI: This is made with Walden Farms which use Splenda. Stevia is a much better option but our FDA has yet to approve that for packaged foods. :/ NOTE: Phase 1 Ideal Protein folks, we use Walden Farms items Sparingly because of the Splenda. Besides the fact that Splenda isn't that great for you, I've also been told that too much of it can result in some carbs... but you'd have to be really eating a lot. I enjoy change and variety so I haven't had any issues because I don't eat the sauces every day. Just FYI. Ideal Protein Website http://www.idealprotein.com/ipcl_usen.asp?no=215 Walden Farms http://www.waldenfarms.com/index.html Coconut Secret http://www.coconutsecret.com/ Amino acid comparison chart between coconut sap and apples for the vinegars - http://www.coconutsecret.com/coconut-apple%20chart.html