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Nestlé, through its support to Dairy and Rural Development Foundation (DRDF), is committed to provide best possible support and guidance for rural dairy farming communities in Pakistan. To ensure capacity building and socio-economic growth at both household and community level, DRDF through its Dairy Project, is focused on promoting skill development, livestock business promotion, economic growth and rural women empowerment through livestock extension services programmes. As a part of its efforts towards ensuring corporate social responsibility and Creating Shared Value (CSV), Nestlé believes that trainings and demonstrations of best practices will ultimately alleviate poverty and enable trained farmers to contribute towards dairy industry’s demand for quality milk. Furthermore, Nestlé aims to increase incomes, profitable business yields and ensure better quality of life for all those associated with the rural dairy farming sector. Results and objectives During the last three years DRDF-Dairy Project, through Nestlé Pakistan’s support in the form of experts and kind, achieved the following results: Up-graded 3 local farms and further aims to upgrade 97 local farms to model dairy farms on 50% cost share basis, which will serve as training and service hubs for small dairy holders. After successfully installing a 50 cubic meter Bio-Gas plant for milk chilling unit, the project aims to run 10 existing tube wells on bio gas with farm produced manure. The bio gas slurry produced is bio-degradable and a natural fertiliser for crops. This will improve the fertility of land as an additional benefit for farmers.