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Target Videos The world’s production of shrimp is about 6 million tonnes, of which approximately 3.4 million tonnes is contributed by capture fisheries and 2.4 tonnes by aquaculture. China and four other Asian countries, including India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, together account for 55% of the capture fisheries. Among the shrimp, the contribution of F. indicus to global fisheries was around 2.4%, and to global farmed shrimp production was 1.2% in 2005. Currently F. indicus is mainly cultured in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Islamic Republic of Iran and India. Saudi Arabia was the largest producer in 2005 at nearly 11,300 tonnes with Vietnam not far behind with 10,000 tonnes. In India F. indicus farming declined from 5200 tonnes in 2000 to 1100 tonnes in 2005 due to preference of farmers for P. monodon The Indian prawn is commonly called Jhinga, Chingri, Sungat in Hindi and Marathi respectively. It is called Eraa in Tamil Nadu. It is called Chemeen in Kerala. It is called "Royya" in Telugu