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Hi guys! In this video, I am going to show you how to farm fodder effectively. I choose map 1-10 (HARD) to farm because the enemies here often use buff skill and their HP are also relatively low. Beforehand, let's prepare some things!! 1. Formation: 4 back (fodder) + 1 front (Ming-Ming) - Enemies tend to attack your front unit - I use Ming-Ming because he has 2 5-AOE skills. Additionally, his passive is also useful (increase allies block rate) - Ming-ming's equipment: 2x SPD + 2x COUNTER 2. Mastery - The important mastery here is: LV30 (HP+10%), LV55 (Enemies' Lethal attack -20%), lv65 (Enemies HP-15%), LV70 (Enemies' ATK-20%) - Allies' DEF is not that important due to fodder has low base DEF. - Please see the video for full coverage of mastery I use. 3. Leader Preferably using leader that gives HP boost (Lina, Alice, etc) Conclusion: 7 keys = 8 rubies (assuming your guild has EXP+20%) However, 1 stage will usually takes 1 minute to clear. So you might not want to do this during HOT-TIME Thank you for watching guys !! If you like the video, please click like and subscribe me !!