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HCMC, Saigon: A&Em Hotel, 19 Dong Du St. Bier Garden & Green Leaf Cafe (restaurants), 123 Dong Khoi St, District 1. Cu Chi Tunnels, history tour. You can also try the shooting range: AK47 or M16 rifles, and M60 machine gun. Cricket Farm, eating fried crickets (grasshoppers). Cục Gạch Quán, 10 Dang Tat, Tan Dinh Quan, HCMC. Restaurants in HCMC: Bier Garden & Green Leaf in District 1, Cuc Gach Quan restaurant at end of Cu Chi tour. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, still called Saigon by locals. Motorbikes and scooters are very popular and swarm the streets. District 1 is a popular business district and tourist area with plenty of historical sights, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. B Adventures: Vietnam Travel Series, Episode (1/10). Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BAdventuresAU Subscribe on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/badventures Amazon Store http://astore.amazon.com/badve-20 Travel Tips: Your hotel must get a copy of your passport and travel visa by law. English was not common at all, even in the touristy District 1. Good idea to learn some basic words in Vietnamese like: Hello, thank you, No, friend, etc. Get your hotel reception staff to organise taxis, tours, and advice on fair prices. Most hotels have small local maps and cards in English, so you can use them communicate with taxi drivers. Traffic may seem hectic and chaotic, but they make it work. When you cross the road on foot, do it slowly and traffic will avoid you. If you run, traffic cannot predict you, so may hit you. HCMC is the government name of the city, the locals still call it Saigon. Many shops, maps, and even travel bookings will say Saigon. When shopping at markets, try negotiate 1/4 (25%) the seller's price. Then negotiate and barter from there. Eg if its priced VD1000K offer VD250K. Most sellers at Ben Than Market tried ripping me off on clothes and souvenirs. Do a lap or check out a few vendors first to compare prices. The average basic worker earns VD 200K a day. So tipping VD 40-50K is pretty generous. I found the locals very conservative / traditional. They were often camera shy, and would even hide. Many businesses would not allow camera use on their premises, or they get very upset. Locals were also scared of undercover police (eg being camera shy). Police in general are known for being tough on crime and having zero tolerance. I have permission to use this music from the following artist, and credited below: Del Sound - Toxic Base https://soundcloud.com/no-copyright-music-2/del-toxic-bass https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDelsound https://instagram.com/del_sound/ https://twitter.com/Del_Sound http://delsound.tumblr.com/ Australian travel vlogger exploring Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, food, travel tips and guide, tourist attractions and activities.