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Vlog 009 February 21, 2016 Get more of our stuff at http://themotorhomeexperiment.Com/. Video Index (To skip the bullshit): 00:19- Welcome to our RV living vlog and opening titles 01:21- Intro to composting toilet video 01:39- Leaving Home Depot to China Ranch Date Farm 03:29- Not Death Valley...but could be 03:58- Tecopa Hot Springs, CA 05:20- Heading into China Ranch Date Farm 06:58- Getting level was a challenge 08:02- Entering the palm tree field 09:50- Closing out day 2 of our Harvest Host experience Collide With Us On: Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/themotorhomeexperiment/ Twitter at https://twitter.com/themotorhomeexp Our RV living Blog at http://themotorhomeexperiment.com/ More RV living on YouTube at https://goo.gl/2MehRz For a replay of this video: https://youtu.be/lSvnsQPZCaE Get your own royalty-free music at http://charronzone.com/ab