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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com When brown bear Oliver was rescued from a bear bile farm by Animals Asia in 2010, staff were astonished to find he had spent 30 years in a tiny cage suffering regular bile extraction. It was feared he wouldn't survive the 1,500 km journey back to Animals Asia's Chengdu sanctuary, but his life was saved by a dramatic roadside operation thanks to help from the provincial police, hospitals, concerned passersby and Animals Asia vets. Oliver lived out his final four years in the peace and comfort of Animals Asia's Chengdu sanctuary enjoying the freedom that was so cruelly denied him for a lifetime. See Animals Asia's website for the full story of Oliver's inspirational life: http://bit.ly/14gBLnN Music: "Composition #1 Live at Chula, Hanoi" by Nguyen Thuy Dung https://soundcloud.com/nguyenthuydung "Lullaby" by _ghost ccmixter.org/files/_ghost/3631 CC Attribution Noncommercial