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Transplanter machine or direct seeding transplanter machine. This video will show you about transplant machine. This machine use for transplanting rice in row or direct seeding transplanter machine. Translanter machine was powerful and useful for all farmers. It can use all locations and situations. This transplanter machine operated by human. We use this transplant machine for reducing the labors in agriculture. We can only use this transplanter machine in agriculture, we cannot use in the others sectors. The whole operations of this transplanter machine first we have to put the rice seeds on machine by order it in the row and thin, do not thick. And then we put the machine into the soil and starting transplant. This machine made in China. They have donated this machine for Cambodia. This China machine was really good for planting. We don’t have Chinese expert comes and help us with this testing, but we have a supports from China. This way is commonly for using in agriculture methods. This machine is in a good price, but useful.