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Many surprising corals are collected and also cultured in Celebes ( indonesia ) ,In October 2010 I had decided to plan a stay in many places in Indonesia, Sulawesi was one of my destination. In fact many new corals on the Market were found there and my target was to understand more of these news Items s environment. This humble movie wants to show also how worried are the coral trade actors to collect and protect Corals in their environment, while also getting their income from the Sea. I cant say if all collectors in Asia are treating the animals as we can see in our movie , but be sure that all corals sold threw All marine and selected by me are subject to a permanent control of our sources of provisioning.I also want to underline the important and constant effort of Indonesian governement to manage in a fair and delicate way the development of his country and the protection of Indonesian s biodiversity. RI is a great example to follow even many improvment are often lighted by foreigners observers. Many thanks to Pak wesen and GMP who are leading the Coral trade in a very professional way. Pak Wesen is certainly the best and responsable manager in live ornmental business in the world and his example should be following by many aquariums actors in the world.