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MEATvideo.com (MUST SEE Factory-Farm Farms), MercyforAnimals.org, VeganOutreach.org, VeganHealth.org (Dietitians Vegan Omega-3 sources noted below), PCRM.org (Drs), VeganBodyBuilding.com, FishingHurts.com etc. Lets not forget commercial fishing industry (videos too) - 1500 ft long nets that RAPE the oceans of MILLIONS of un-intended by-catch sealife (turtles, un-edible fish, dolphins etc) that are KILLED for nothing! Also, Fish-Farms are normal now. For cheaper, healthier Omega-3's try Walnuts, Avocado, Flax/Chia/Hemp Seeds etc. Its all unnecessary today, try Scubadiving a Coral Reef as Key West FL to gain some respect. Shrimp are killed for just a bite too!