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Please watch Part-2 of this video: https://youtu.be/VQIvM7jOVEg Bangladesh entered in to Re-circulation Aquaculture system (RAS) technology in Fish culture. JAK-AGRO3 Aquaculture project introduced this technology in commercial fish farming in Bangladesh. This technology uses filtered and re-circulated water in high density fish culture in Tanks inside a building. Production capacity is many times higher than conventional pond culture system. Land requirements is very less . Only 3200 sft covered area to produce 10+ tons fish per year. Shing and Deshi Magur ( catfish) are the most suitable fish for this RAS project. Also suitable for Barramundi/ Vetki/ Koral. Less water requirement, Low feed conversion ratio, healthy and uniform size fish production, high volume production and less mortality is the specialty of this project. This project is located in Mymensingh city, Bangladesh. This technology is suitable for India, Myanmar and Middle East countries also suitable for desert condition. This small RAS system is also suitable also for southern USA for Tilapia, Catfish, Barramundi. For more information, Please contact: JAK International, Dhaka, Bangladesh. e-mail: mjali2004@yahoo.com Tel: +8801717676161 , +8801552366105