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When things get crazy.... All in a days work :) The List: TEN POINTS: 1. French Kiss a guy 2. Get a hot guy to pour baked beans down your pants 3. get a pic riding a mechanical bull 4. chinese fire drill 5. Get an old lady to flip off the camera 6. Tell Chloe that she looks like Kim Kardashian - negative 5 points 7. Suck on a teammates toe 8. Lick albertsons' floor FIFTEEN POINTS: 1. Get a picture in a cop car 2. Lick a mannequin's ass 3. Scoop up dog poop and throw it at a wall -15 pts. With bare hands - 25 pts. 4. Kiss one of your partner's ass 5. Do 25 push ups 6. buy a dildo from spencers 7. fart with powder 8. get a pic on a stripper pole 9. Ask a full blown mexican stranger to sadies 10. Order Taco Bell in a different language. 11. Get a pic with a hobo 12. Eat a Styrofoam cup 13. Get punched in the boob 14. Run in Paradise Juice and knock down all the cups 15. Be the first group to get a picture with aaron sachs TWENTY POINTS: 1. Trade pants with a stranger 2. Autograph a cow 3. Do a "Shopping Cart" 4. Get a strangers underwear 5. Steal from Payton Donnelly 6. Get hit by a ball at the batting cage 7. Keep sardines in your mouth for 5 minutes 8. Get kicked out of a store 9. Eat 6 eggs 10. Bag some road kill 11. French kiss a stranger 12. Eat a boogie 13. get a massive wedgie 14. ditch a taxi (8$ or more) 15. smoke 10 cigs at once 16. scare ppl out of a party 17. get antiqued 18. walk around a store with "poop stain" on your butt 19. Start a highschool musical in a public area 20. poop on someone's driveway 21. order a big mac + pay w/ all pennies 22. dress like a boy + pee in urinal 23. steal someones car 24. kiss someone's butt 25. Drive around window down with a condom on your head 26. Get a tattoo of a penis as small as you want anywhere on your body 27. conversation with a stranger in an english accent 28. lick someones big toe 29. Get everyone in your group to kiss a guy whos name starts with the same first letter as theirs 30. kiss brett gerston 31. Eat an entire chipotle burrito in 5 minutes. 32. Make a music video at Scottsdale Quarter 33. Steal an innocent bistanders hat 34. Steal a goldfish from petsmart 35. Eat out of a trashcan 36. body slide at the ice den 37. kiss a guys ass 38. Rub a bald guys head and say you're making a wish 39. Pee in an elevator 40. Give a stranger a wet willy 41. Shave a guys leg 42. Shot gun a beer in 30 seconds 43. Bite off a strangers finger nail THIRTY POINTS: 1. Get a bee sting 2. Take a bite of a stranger's meal at a restaurant 3. Get a cashier to say, "What are you using that for?" 4. Dress like a waitress and seat a customer 5. Find an earthworm and eat it 6. Give a homeless person a kiss on the cheek. 7. Change your outfit with a stranger 8. Flash a jack in the box worker 9. Get a picture on the balcony of the vue in tempe 10. Walk in a gas station without pants on, look down awkwardly, "damn", walk out. 11. T.P. an ex boyfriend, and write them an apology letter 12. Strip in the fashion square mall food court elevator 13. Fake a heart attack in a public area 14. Get punched in the face 15. get moterboated by a stranger 16. chug a can of v8 17. Eat a stick of chalk 18. Get something from the car next to you at a red light 19. Eat 2 bananas in 1 minute 20. Eat elmers glue 21. Walk in a store smoking a cig 22. Play piano and sing in frys 23. Put a lobster in your pants 24. Dump a bucket of water on a strangers head FOURTY POINTS: 1. pool hop naked 2. Run a mile without pants 3. Dig a 3-foot hole. Jump in it and get buried to your head 4. Ride the camel at the camel farm 5. Bathe in the fountains at desert ridge 6. Get a store, other than 40th, to sell you cigarettes underage 7. Get a tattoo of a math problem 8. Eat an entire jar of peanut butter by yourself 9. Kiss someone over 25 10. Eat a dollar bill 11. Get tipped at hooters 12. shower in the guys locker room at the village FIFTY POINTS: 1. Piggy back ride from cop 2. Get on tv 3. Punch a stranger in the face 4. Naked on the fire bird 5. Steal the tip box from taco bell 6. Flash a mall cop 7. Dine and Ditch at Denny's 8. Lick a public toilet seat 9. Get anyone to shotgun a beer in under 10 seconds 10. Fart (loudly) in a chick-fil-a, and say "that was me"(loudly) 11. Eat dip 12. Swallow 15 cents 13. Blow dart in the ass 14. Get arrested 15. Pierce an eyebrow 16. pierce your tounge 17. Drink a Mayo-apple smoothie 18. Stick your head it shit 19. Get a black eye 20. PUNCH Thatcher Weisbrodt in the face