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LIKE VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL http://vetfarmservices.simplesite.com/ STARTING GOAT FARMING IN TAMIL NADU, INDIA Follow the step by step instructions for establishing a successful goat farming venture 1. Select a Suitable Location: Before starting, select a suitable location for your farm. While choosing suitable land for your farm, ensure all types of facilities are available in your location. A suitable clean and fresh water source is a must. Select the land near by the village so that you can easily find labor for your farm. Select the land with easy transportation facilities. Always be sure that, sufficient veterinary service is available in the selected area. You can also check if other producers are available in the selected area or not. 2. Select the Products You Want to Produce: After selecting a suitable location for your farm, it’s time to determine the products which you want to produce from your farm. Goats are multi functional animal. You can produce milk, meat, skin, fiber etc. from them. Determine the products you want to produce and go to the next step. 3. Buy High Quality Breeds: After determining the products you want to produce, buy high quality goat breeds. For an example, if you establish dairy goat farm and want to produce milk from your farm, then you have to buy high quality dairy goat breeds. In case of producing meat, you have to buy highly meat productive goat breeds. For commercial purpose you can purchase some goat breeds which are well adapted to Indian climate. Saanen, Toggenburg, Anglo Nubian, British Alpine, Angora, French Alpine etc. are such few exotic goats. You can also raise some highly productive Indian goat breeds. Kanni adu, Salem Black, Kodi adu, Jamunapari, Tellicherry, Sirohi, Beetal, Surti, Gujrati, Barbari, Malabari and local country breed etc. are highly productive and common Indian goat breed. 4. Good Housing/Shelter: A good housing system or shelter is very necessary for all types of commercial and domestically raised animals. Goats also need a good housing system for taking rest and keeping them free from predators and adverse conditions. While making housing or shelter for your goats, make proper ventilation system for proper flow of fresh air and sufficient light inside the house/shelter. 5. Feeding: Feeding is the most important part of successfully running goat farming business. The overall production and health of goats mostly depends on fresh and good quality food. So, always try to feed your animals fresh and high quality food. In case of providing supplementary feed, never buy the fully prepared food which are available in the market. Instead, buy high quality each ingredients separately and prepare them in your farm. This will ensure high quality and availability of all nutrition in the food. That also directly increase your total production. 6. Make a Grazing Place: Making a pasture or grazing place for your goats is very helpful. This will help to minimize the feeding cost and keep your animals healthy and active. Goat can go far while browsing. And moving far from the farm helps them to keep active and strong. Generally, two acres of grazing land is very suitable for raising 50-60 goats (you can raise more if you supply your goats home prepared supplementary feeds). 7. Take Special Care: In accordance with providing suitable shelter and sufficient food, your goats also need some additional care and management. If you are a beginner in goat farming business, then you can go for a training to learn more about the special care and management. You can also meet many established goat producers to learn more about the secrets of success and special care and managements of goats. 8. Ensure Veterinary Service Available: Goats are very strong livestock. Generally, they suffer by diseases less than any other animals. But you have to sure about the veterinary service in your farm area. It will help to prevent loss if something goes wrong with your goat farming business. 9. Market Your Products: If everything goes well and if you follow the instructions mentioned above, then it’s time to market/sell your products. Make a plan for marketing your products. It will be better if you can sell your products during an occasion or festival. For example, if you produce goat meat then you can sell your products during any religious festivals like PUJA or EID. This will bring you maximum rate of your products. Along with local market, you can also try international market. Because Indian products has a great demand in the international market.