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Su Su is quite a bear. At first shy in her bile farm cage, since being rescued by our team alongside Jarai, Dau Phu and Binh Minh she has come into her own. It is amazing that after 10 years of the least natural existence imaginable, she still knows how to nest. Bear skills that the others watched and copied. And she loves her food so much. Munch on sweet moon bear, munch on. Su Su, fellow bears and rescue team are now within 400 kms of our sanctuary. Before sundown tomorrow they should have arrived. By chance these moon bears will sleep their first night under a super moon - the biggest in 70 years. Is it a sign? Let's make it a sign. It's a sign of a start of four new lives. It's a sign of two bear bile farms closed. It's a sign, near the end of 2016, that we are closer than ever to ending bear bile farming. It's a sign of your support and thousands of people like you that made this rescue happen. It's a sign of millions more in Vietnam and China who want bear bile farming to end. It's also a reminder of those bears that still suffer. Take a moment to look up at that moon and remember them. But also remember what has been achieved. What you have achieved. The animal lives you have changed. With your help we have rescued almost 600 bears, 400 of which we continue to care for. Now there are four more. Jarai, Su Su, Dau Phu and Binh Minh will require all our love, our expertise, our care for many years ahead. Their story doesn't end tomorrow - new lives begin. If you want to be a part of that. If you want to help rehabilitate these bears, then please donate today towards their future: http://bit.ly/PBR1FB And we'll make sure to keep you updated as they progress. In the meantime, roar on these heroes - human and ursine. Roar them home, they're almost there. Follow their progress here: http://bit.ly/PBRlive Thank you.