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Learn how these dedicated small scale tea growers of Assam produces some of the best quality hand made teas in the world through pure organic techniques to retain its full characteristics and integrity. The video shows the tea garden and processing unit of a small tea growers society called Prithivi STGU from upper Assam. Tender tea leaves are hand-processed by the tea farmers of Prithivi through orthodox method of tea manufacturing to make either a robust Assam black tea or a delicious organic green tea which we sell online through our website. Prithivi makes a few hundred kilos of specialty Assam teas, for example, TGFOP and FTGFOP grade loose leaf Assam tea in a year. Assamica Agro is a platform that connects small growers like Prithivi from rural Assam to the rest of the world, and help these small growers fetch a better price for their handmade organic teas. Assamica Agro also works relentlessly to improve the lives of the tea workers in these tiny tea gardens. Visit our website www.assamicaagro.in to know more..