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Support this Project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/7575422/farming-for-your-future-growing-aquaponics-and-sup We use the Most Sustainable form of Agriculture on the Planet - Join us in Growing Organic Foods with Fewer Resources. Overview: This project is all about forward motion and improvement! Our mission is simple: to practice agriculture in the most wholesome ways – nurturing the lands that we ask to feed us while developing Aquaponics. We are not only certified Organic but practice the most sustainable farming methods known today. The Farming Fish is a leader in the growing field of commercial Aquaponics. With a one quarter acre greenhouse, we are the largest organic aquaponics farm in the US. Our farm is pretty amazing, we’re showing every day, bringing Organic Aquaponic food to market, that resources can be better utilized and preserved for future generations. We grow a variety of leafy vegetables and superfoods, most sold living for highest nutritional value and shelf life, and the most sustainable seafood products out there. These upgrades will ensure our continued production and allow us to keep the climate controls necessary for consistently. The aquaponic system is currently set up to yield over 7,200 cases of greens and 12,000 pounds of fish per year. Over the past three years we have learned a great deal and are ready to instituted upgrades and improvements to operate even more efficiently in all four seasons. Using double layer poly to re-cover the greenhouse will give us the added insulation we need in the winter months. With the added insulation value a cooling and heating system can most efficiently keep the climate controls for ideal growing stable through all seasons. And what better place than Southern Oregon to propel sustainable agriculture, this vibrant farming community is brimming with farms making full use of best farming practices; and now with our recent ballot measure passed this spring, our farms are free from contamination, no GMOs can be grown in our county. Goal: By reaching our funding goal of $42,000 by August 30 we will be able to complete installation of double poly on the greenhouse for higher insulation value and efficiency by September 15, as well as install heating and cooling systems to utilize this efficiency by October 15. If we exceed our goal by $30,000 we will be able to install a new fish breeding system and expand our plant nursery in the spring of 2015. By breeding more fish we can better supply other aquaponic growers and maximize our farms ability to provide more sustainably raised fish. And if we exceed our goal by $50,000 we will also be able to build a cob intern dwelling. This financial goal enables us to house interns and begin our Farm Fresh to Food Banks Initiative in the spring of 2015, providing aquaponic education to those who grow and pack food on our farm specifically for regional food banks. Budget: Double Layer Poly $9,000 Cooling System $15,200 Heating System $17,800 Total $42,000 Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.