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FOR SALE: 1991 NEW HOLLAND L555 BOBCAT SKID STEER TRACTOR. WE MAKE IT WORK SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. $old, thanks. NO LEAKS FUEL EFFICIENT KUBOTA DIESEL I START IT COLD FOR YOU SO YOU CAN SEE HOW IT WORKS. IT HASN'T RUN IN OVER A WEEK. CASE IH JOHN DEERE MUSTANG LIBRA CATERPILLAR VOLVO FORD HYDRA-MAC ALL ARE GREAT MACHINES, BUT MY CHOICE IS THIS ONE. REAL SIMPLE RELIABLE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN. WEIGHS 4500# EASY TO HAUL. RATED TO LIFT 1700# (MAYBE MORE SEE VIDEO) LOCATED ABOUT 1 HOUR WEST OF CHICAGO ILLINOIS IN ELBURN, IL 60119 Preppers love this stuff. snow plows salt spreaders water clean drinking water filters RO water off grid survivalist sells cars duramax powerstroke cummins 6.5 detroit 6.2 mechanically injected turbo diesel 1993 isuzu new holland construction equipment Caterpillar volvo off grid diesel generator slow speed metro lister listeroid macgyver land tape cave underground solar power burning EMP electro magnetic pulse government not big wine cellar shipping container woods hidden grain storage knive knives gun ak47 military m6 tank aircraft night vision thermal vision hardware bags suburban living cities bug out bag bug out vehicle armored car money prepper survive fitness recreation disney hamburger bbq grill deer shot pheasant girls cloths boys shoes heels designer dress is done for. basic necessities good bad ugly food clothing shelter companion friends God love bible Jesus Christ died for your sins. study fellowship. WESTERN, MEYERS, CURTISS, FISHER, SNO-WAY, DIAMOND, SALT-DOGG, BLIZZARD, BOSS V SNOW PLOW ANY V PLOW EAT YOUR HEART OUT! THIS IS THE BEST SNOWPLOW ON THE MARKET. THIS WILL BE USED BY MUD BOG COURSES, NASCAR, RACE TRACKS, WARM PEOPLE CLEARING THEIR DRIVEWAY FOR DRIVEWAY PLOWING AND CLEARING. GRANDMA ON SUNDAY! SO EASY TO USE! HELPS KEEP THE ICE OFF THE ROAD THE MUNICIPALITIES WILL START BUYING THESE BY THE DROVES. CANT THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO INVEST AND MAKE MONEY. LET YOUR TRUCK PAY YOU, DON'T PAY FOT YOUR TRUCK! EARN BIG BUCKS PLOWING SNOW. LANDSCAPERS LAND SCAPERS LOVE THESE THIS IS THEIR WINTER TIME BEST FRIEND. PLASTIC MOLD BOARD HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE LASER CUT FRAME ELECTRO HYDRAULICS STONE PUMP MADE IN USA...NOT CHINA! YEA!