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Welcome back to yet ANOTHER series on Coldborough Park Farm! Credits Map Design: BulletBill83 Map/Mod Consultant: BlobbyFarmer Map Testing: BalerBoy (&Mario) Strongbuild chrisherrit7 Map Scripts: Marhu (Watermod, Pig & Beef, Lime/Manure/Slurry) Petorious (MultiAngleTerrain and hire mode revert) webalizer (Chopped Straw) Xentro (AnimationMapTrigger / Manual Opening Gates) Map Objects: Giants NI Modding Petorious Sandgroper Lord Williams leicestershireFarmer Nick98.1 Faitan FMC Modding Map Sounds: Neurotek Map Download Link - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36121/coldborough-park-farm-2015-v1-2 AnimationMapTrigger http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/35932/animationmaptrigger