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Since Jill Robinson MBE, Founder of Animals Asia, stepped onto a bear farm in the early '90's and made a commitment to set the farmed bears free, much has changed. Today, monumental change is sweeping China in all arenas, not least in animal welfare. Animals Asia is spearheading this change as its work to end the horrofic practise of bear farming inspires new attitudes of kindness and empathy towards animals. Narrated by bear lover Stephen Fry and directed by dear friend of Animals Asia Libby Halliday this fast- moving, exciting one-hour Animal Planet special provides a fascinating and deeply moving, behind-the-scenes look at the daily trials and tribulations involved in the bear rescue- the heartbreak, the frustrations and ultimately the joy of seeing beautiful, forgiving Moon Bears enjoying their newfound freedom. Please help Animals Asia ensure that EVERY Moon Bear makes its journey to freedom. Donate at: www.animalsasia.org