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LIKE VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL The machinery and equipment required depends on the level of mechanization desired and the scale of operation. However, some machinery and equipments are essentially required such as the chaff cutter machine, milking pails, milk cans and minor implements. On farms maintaining more than 20 milch animals, machine milking may be economical and more convenient as compared to hand milking. Installation of fans and mistess cooling devices in animal sheds for protection against heat stress is also a must if one wishes to keep high yielding crossbred cows. Dairy farms with 50 or more milch animals may also require a milk cooler, electricity generator set and a utility vehicle for the procurement of farm supplies and marketing of produce besides a tractor with implements for the cultivation of fodder crops and their harvesting, transportation chaffing, processing etc. Machines Required for Small-Medium Dairy Farms MACHINES NOS Milking Equipment 4 Cluster Can 1 1 Tractor 1 1 Trailor/Trolly/Attachements 1 1 Loader for Tractor 1 1 Green Fodder Chaff Cutter with Motor (10HP) 1 Feed Grinder with Motor (optional) 1 Mist Cooling System 1 Semen Container with Accessories 1 Milk Cans 40 Ltr 10 Generator 7.5 KVA 1 Borewell With Motor 1 Ropes, chains, tagging equipments, water pipes etc.