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Lovebird is now is excellent for the chirping of mania. In addition to having a bright color pattern of diverse, birds chirping love also has a melodious voice and chatty. The parrots are from Madagascar, Africa is, if in pairs, then the human-like behavior are overwhelmed with romance, as always alone making love, refusing to leave her lover. Therefore, the so-called love birds. High price is always paired bird species present, due to the high demand, but very few have been successfully grown. To produce maximum results, it is necessary in Make a breeding cage crate boxes length of 150 centimeters wide and 300 centimeters high. This will facilitate treatment because they do not bother anymore to move each feed media. For puppies lovebird will you loose a minimum of two weeks old because at this age, physical condition lovebird chicks are strong enough. Perform feeding every 5-6 hours. Each chicks were fed until its crop looks full. If it is full, stop feeding. Next feeding until its crop is empty (usually 4-5 hours), sometimes there puppies are cached faster lovebird empty. However, if the cached so long empty the possibility lovebird experience digestive problems. Constraints cultivation love bird is its scrappy to fight his rival and inside competes to place to spawn. Subino is one of the farmers love bird, origin Randu Village Court, District Kebomas Gresik, East Java said, still rare people who cultivate love bird, despite the relatively high market demand, so the price is relatively expensive anyway. "In fact, this business is very exiting rare in the lyrics," said Subino. Subino originally marketed love bird production to Surabaya and other major cities in Indonesia, but not anymore, because of limited production. In fact, the bird lovers in love, now come directly to their home which is used as a breeding center.