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JAI INDIRA Farm Waste Shredder - Tractor operated (PTO-Driven) farm waste shredder: Tractor operated (PTO-Driven) farm waste shredder. It converts all farm wastes (dry & wet) like banana pseudo stream, coconut frond ,Tapioca stem, Branches of the drumstick tree... ect into small pieces which may be easily decomposed. APPROVED GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY 50% Benefits of the Equipment: 1. Nature and intensity of the problem identified • Difficulites involved in disposal of farm wastes and composting activites. 2. Benefits of the Equipment: • Tractor operated (PTO-Driven) farm waste shredder. It converts all farm wastes (dry & wet) like banana pseudo stem, coconut frond, Tapioca stem, Branches of the drumstick tree into small pieces which may be easily decomposed. • To chip all the farm wastes (dry & wet) effectively and help the farming community to generate organic manure at their farm level. • Proper solution for farm waste clearance / disposal instead of previous time consuming - shifting method and to make a path way for effective utilization of all the farm wastes (dry & wet) also at lower operational cost. Safety Measures: • All the moving parts of the equipment like pulleys-belts are fully covered to improve the working atmosphere and to ensure proper safety to the users. • The length of the feeding chute of this equipment is also increased for safety of the worker while feeding the farm wastes without any accident hazards. • We also got the dangerous machine act license No.EE/cbe (DMA-L1) A-5669/2010 dated: 15.12.2010 • Performance test report from ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Rajendranagar-Hyderabad. ANGRAU/FIM/I/07/2011-12, Dated : 28.04.2011. Agriculture Compost Shredder: Tractor Mountable Agro Shredder Coconut Tree Waste,Shell,Leaves,Other Tree Branches,Twigs Made into Poweder in minutes to make valuable Compost. The Compost can be used for Vermiculture,Mulching,Maintain soil moisture,Maintain and enrich the soil nutrients and helps accelerate growth of flowers,Crops and fruits. Shredded compost increases the Yield even in saline water areas. Coconut Shell made into powder can be easily loaded and transported cost effectively. The compost is nowdays largely used in producing Electricity. 3000 coconut pinnate leaves can be powdered into compost in one Hour. The Agricultural Compost Shredder can be customized,is cost effective and user friendly. AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR IN TAMILNADU FOR JAI INDIRA FARM WASTE SHREDDER: KAVISH AGRO FARM EQUIPMENTS 18/7,Iraniyan street Solar,Erode-638002,Tamil Nadu CELL:9080357035,9865254305 Email:kavishagroerode@gmail.com kselvam_india@yahoo.co.in APPROVED GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY 50%