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How to Choose a Good Budgie || Pet Care Tips ======================================== ======================================== 1. Locate budgies for sale from a reputable seller. You can find budgies for sale online, in want-ads, or in pet stores. You can also get one from your local animal shelter. Wherever you get your budgie from, make sure the seller has healthy and humanely treated birds. 2. Visit a store or an individual seller. Assess how they make you feel. Does the space feel clean and well cared for? Do you think the people working at the store or the person selling the birds feels responsible and invested in the health and happiness of the birds? If any of this feels wrong, walk away. 3. Ask the seller how they care for their birds. Make sure they are cleaning the birds cages regularly. Are the sellers cleaning their hands before handling the birds? These are simple but important things that keep budgies healthy and happy. 4. Examine the cage the budgies are in. Budgies need a clean and spacious cage. Are there so many budgies in there they can't all move? Is the cage or bin dirty? Does the condition of the cage line up with what the seller told you they do to care for their birds? Do the birds have water? Do the birds have appropriate food, such as seed, pellets, and vegetables? These are all important things to assess before moving forward with purchasing a budgie. 5. Consider whether the birds look healthy and happy. Are the birds interacting with one another? Look at the head, body, and legs of each bird you are considering. If it is healthy and happy its feathers should be smooth and shiny, not all puffed up. It should have a healthy appetite, so you should see it eating seed. Its beak and feet should not be crusted. Its vents should be clear and it should not have any nasal discharge. ======================================== ======================================== parakeet, parakeets, budgie, budgies, budgerigar, how to choose a parakeet, how to choose a budgie, parrots, birds, healthy budgie, healthy parakeet, tips for buying a parakeet, how to select the right parakeet, how to select the right bird, parakeet health, budgie health, Parrot (Animal), Bird, budgies singing, budgies talking, budgies mating, budgies playing, budgies breeding, budgies fighting, budgies in the wild, budgies mating call, budgies sounds, budgies laying eggs, budgies, budgies chirping, budgies aviary, budgies and parakeets, budgies and cockatiels, budgies and lovebirds, budgies at petsmart, budgies attack, budgies and finches, budgies australia, budgies aviary setup, budgies and dogs, budgies birds, budgies bathing, budgies baby, budgies birds pakistan, budgies breeding tips, budgies birds traders, budgies bangladesh, budgies breeding season, budgies biting, budgies cage, budgies care, budgies chirping and singing, budgies colony, budgies cage setup, budgies colors, budgies calling, budgies cuddling, budgies circus, budgies dancing, budgies doing tricks, budgies documentary, budgies diet, budgies die, budgies disease, budgies died, budgies disco, budgies doing funny things, budgies death, budgies eating, budgies eggs, budgies eating fruit, budgies everywhere, budgies eggs hatching, budgies egg food, budgies eating eggs, budgies eating rice, budgies eating corn, budgies eating carrots, budgies food, budgies fighting to death, budgies feeding, budgies flying, budgies funny, budgies flirting, budgies first day home, budgies farm, budgies free flight, budgies growth stages, budgies giving birth, budgies growing up, budgies grooming, budgies going crazy, budgies gender, budgies growth, budgies green, baby budgies growth stages, are budgies good pets, budgies hatching, budgies happy, budgies home, budgies house, budgies hand feeding, budgies having babies, budgies having fun, budgies having a bath, budgies how to tame, budgies hindi, budgies in australia, budgies info, budgies in heat,