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Do you know where rice come from? I visited my family in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. It's a rural area where most of the land is used for farming. The main crop grown is rice, and during my visit I was able to observe rice being planted and harvest. It takes 3 months to grow rice. The land is prepared by plowing, harrowing and leveling the field by machine or the traditional way of using a carabao. Usually one paddy have rice seeds planted to grow into seedlings, which are later transplanted. The rice seedlings are then planted in a straight line. While the rice grows, the paddies are repeatedly flooded to 1/3 of the rice stalk height to prevent weeds from growing and drained when fertilizer is going to be sprayed. The rice is ready for harvest when the grain yellows and the start to drop. The water is then drained from the rice paddies during harvest season. The rice is harvested by cutting the rice stalks. The grain is separated from the stalk by a mechanized thresher. The rice is then dried. Once dried the rice is taken for milling which separates the outer layer. The end product is white rice, which is then ready for distribution Video was taken with Nokia C7 http://goo.gl/aChtw Music "How it Begins" by Kevin MacLeod