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Bird's nest is indigenous to Indonesia, especially in Sumatra. We have been blessed with this natural resources and our family have been consuming bird's nest regularly for decades and have benefited from this highly nutritious delicacy. Until the turn of the century, we have cultivated bird's nest only for our own consumption. However in 1999, we decided to build a larger house for the swiftlets that are found naturally in abundance in our city of Palembang. Blessed by the strategic location and the presence of natural food sources, we were able to provide the ideal living conditions for the swiftlets to nest in. Over time, thousands of swiftlets nestled in our swiftlet house and the population increased exponentially. From the water supply to the proper lighting conditions to the maintenance of the house, we take pride in providing the best for our "feathery friends". It is because of the clean swiftlet house and our dedication to providing a conducive environment for the swiftlets; we are constantly rewarded with high quality nests with very little impurities. Every nest is carefully harvested by our skilled keeper and the feathers delicately removed to maintain the natural shape and fibre strands of the nests. The cleaned nests are then sorted out base on its shape and purity. Finally, we pack them in our own facility to ensure a high standard of quality and purity of bird's nest suitable for human consumption. We, at House of Bird's Nest, are dedicated to maintain the quality of swiftlet house in order to bring to you premium quality bird's nest for your enjoyment.