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Wind Power, Wind Turbine Blades, Home Wind Turbines: http://bit.ly/1dvcxF3 The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power http://bit.ly/1bOf1aV Transcript: Home Wimd Turbines Pros And Cons Wind power homes are an option, along with solar power, for those who want an environmentally safe source of electricity that's independent from local utility companies. The technology used in wind power homes has advanced enough that people in some parts of the United States can now use wind power to meet most or even all of their electricity needs. This, of course, not only supports a healthy environment, but can also reduce monthly utility bills - or even eliminate them. But wind power is not a perfect answer for everyone. Here are some facts about wind turbines you need to evaluate if you're thinking about using wind to power your home. Facts About Wind Turbines You have to know if there's enough wind in your location to make a wind powered home work. This means doing some homework about how often - and how strongly - the wind blows in your geographical area. You also have to consider wind speed and strength at the height of your wind turbine. Keep in mind that wind speeds on the ground are not the same as they might be at the height of your turbine tower. Often, there are obstructions at ground level like trees, buildings and other homes. You'll have to do some research get this right. You also have to consider what type of device you want to use to capture the wind. There are various types of windmills, and one may be better suited to your situation than another. Efficiency of Wind Turbines Basically, windmills are divided into two groups: vertical axis windmills and horizontal axis windmills. Vertical axis windmills resemble the type you often see on farms and ranches. The blades of the windmill are straight up and down. This type can catch the wind from any direction, something that is not true of many horizontal axis windmills. This is an important factor to keep in mind when you're making your decision about which type of windmill to install. Residential Wind Turbine Cost There are several financial matters to investigate too. Wind power homes are often eligible for a variety of state and federal tax credits that help you recover the cost of installation. But it will still take several years to save as much in electricity bills as building a wind turbine will cost. It's also important to check zoning regulations in your local area. Some municipalities restrict the height of structures on your property. Wind power for the home offers many potential benefits, to be sure. But deciding whether wind power is right for you, and choosing the proper wind power system means making some serious choices. Do your research carefully, run financial studies on your own and with the help of a tax professional. If you decide to go ahead, make sure to get a licensed, experienced and reputable installer to do the work. This has just been a quick overview of the topic of wind powered homes. Here are some additional resources that will provide more detailed information to help you make an informed buying decision.