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Sri Lanka's top tea experiences: Sips of history - CNN.com 23 Mar 2015 ... Sri Lanka may be small, but its beautiful, rolling Hill Country contains almost endless stretches of tea plantations (Sri Lanka is the world's third... Journey into the cool mountains to explore tea hills and nature trails at the ... by a blanket of vibrant tea plantations; this is a totally different side of Sri Lanka. 12 Jul 2012 ... Sri Lanka offers an impressive variety of things to see and do, including visiting famous tea plantations, riding historic hill country railroads,... 21 Sep 2015 ... Until then the Sri Lankan Hill Country was one large swath of rugged, inaccessible jungle. Today it is a neatly pruned tea plantation as far as... 17 Oct 2014 ... Hill view: A passenger train wends its way along tea-clad slopes. ... in tea plantations, across to the tows of Nuwara Eliya and onto Ella. 2 Oct 2011 ... Nigel Tisdall is charmed by Sri Lanka's landscape and religious shrines. ... the emerald hills of Bogawantalawa, otherwise known as Sri Lanka's ... can tour a tea factory, follow well-signed walks through the plantations, soak in... ... the Bogawantalawa Valley in Sri Lanka's Hill Country at Ceylon Tea Trails hotel, ... superlative restaurant's cuisine draws on products of the local tea estates. 15 Apr 2016 ... Picking tea leaves in Sri Lanka's hill country. Photo: Rawpixel/Shutterstock. How to take a trip to the verdant highlands of Sri Lanka to... 14 Aug 2010 25 Feb 2015 ... Situated at around 2000m above sea level & surrounded by lush tea plantations Nuwara Eliya is the main hill resort of Sri Lanka and the heart... 2 Sep 2014 ... Tea bin at the Geragama Tea Estate | Kandy, Sri Lanka ... The best place to go is the hill country near Nuwara Eliya and Ella where the... Sri Lanka's hill country, with all its spectacular scenery and lush tea plantations, is a must-see. Until recently, chances are you'd have to stay in a tired old... The 'Hill Country' or 'Up Country' are terms broadly used to describe the mountainous regions of the centre of Sri Lanka. Covered with tea plantations and.