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Having just returned from ADULT SLEEPAWAY CAMP, (WHAT?! Yeah, I'm serious. SLEEP AWAY CAMP. For grown ups! Called Soul Camp - check it out: http://soul.camp) So I'm still sorta feeling like a little camp-aged kiddo. Nothing says childhood more than MARSHMALLOWS. But nothing also says sugar high and then sugar CRASH more than MALLOWS.  Soo, I figured I'd show you how to make MALLOW-LESS HEALTHY RICE CRISPY TREATS! I think that's a good idea. So you can guiltlessly enjoy this snack that'll bring you back to childhood WITHOUT it bringing you back into your fat pants... Watch to see how to make it and/or click here to print the full recipe: http://bit.ly/healthycrispytreats --------- If you liked this video, please please pretty please subscribe to the Party In My Plants YouTube page! and like Party In My Plants on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/partyinmyplants and hang out with Party In My Plants on Instagram: http://instagram.com/partyinmyplants and party hard on http://www.partyinmyplants.com