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When I think "GREAT ATLANTIC" and the title also has "SEAFOOD', I think of the ATLANTIC OCEAN. Logical? Why are the shrimp this company sells "farm raised" in VIETNAM? Is VIETNAM now in this ATLANTIC OCEAN? This makes total sense, right? OxyMoron Guy... About 20 years ago I was visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico, a very beautiful place. As most beach communities do, they had a "honky-tonk" strip by the water.., T-shirt shacks, tattoo parlors, bars, food stands, etc. There was a bar titled "Video Bar". I thought hmm, I wonder what type of video screens would be on the walls inside? I peeked in and saw NONE. There were NO TVs anywhere. I thought "how weird?" I felt so deceived and thought what an "Oxymoron"! I started taking photos of Oxymorons, and I don't know why, they just intrigue me. I really have thousands now, and once video came into iPhones, I started collecting clips too. I never really knew why, or what to do with them because many are of copyrighted material. Most are just outright dumb or blatant lies, and all too often when I bring it to someone's attention, they just say to me "so, get over it, you can't change the world!" Well as an artist I always help other artists! I was introduced to me the "7 second social net concept" of "VINE" and I thought "BINGO!"…. "OxyMoron Guy"! So I did it... To the MAX and gave birth to.. OxyMoronGuy.com (I also reserved "OxyMoronMan.com") Vine • FaceBook • YouTube • Twitter • SnapChat • Instagram • Tumbler, oh too many so we of course now need… Woofer (where you send "Barks" if you like and send "Bites" if you don't' Maybe this will go "viral" and get attention to my Music sites and help all of the artists I help! Wow, has our world changed... One artist at a time! Check out OneWorldArtists.com and please consider buying the downloads the amazing musicians on iTunes, CD Baby and more! Enjoy more giggles: Videos, Photos and MUSIC at OxyMoronGuy.com Copyrights belong to the companies in the images. This video © David Musial