2m 26sLenght

Consumed by both people and animals, rice and corn are two of the most important food crops in the world. Viewers will learn how rice and corn are grown and harvested. The program will take viewers up in a rice-seeding plane that is used to plant rice in flooded fields. Viewers will learn about different types of corn such as popcorn. "Rice and Corn" also shows how these crops have alternative and environmentally friendly uses, such as rice straw and fuel. This is part of Phoenix Films' 15-part Farm to Market series, which follows the journey of a particular agricultural product as it is grown, harvested, processed, and then transported to its final destination at the market. Through the videos, students are taken "behind the scenes" of production and manufacturing, visiting farms, ranches and orchards, as well as mills and factories. 10 minutes, color. Direct link to purchase the DVD: http://phoenixlearninggroup.com/product/farm-to-market-rice-and-corn/ http://phoenixlearninggroup.com