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www.WoodwardCrossings.com Welcome to Woodward Crossings Farm and Forestry—the landowners online resource for Homesteading Equipment! Simple, rural living requires hard work, principles, ingenuity and sometimes the right equipment! Here at Woodward Crossings Farm and Forestry we pride ourselves in our product offerings for those who love the land. Whether you are on a small or large scale, self-reliant living or marketing to the masses you will find our carefully and thoughtfully selected products to be quality built and yet cost effective. Our goal is to offer equipment with Simplicity in operation, minimal maintenance and yielding better and more products with less effort. We ship just about any piece of equipment that you will need. A number of cultivators, middle busters, subsoilers, a variety of plows, garden harrows, field harrows, screw crank harrows, and pasture renovators. We also carry several spreaders for mulch and manure. Our broad selection of rototillers from Delmorino are sure to please. Choose from our Light Rotary Tiller, Universal Offset Rotary Tiller, Fixed Universal Rotary Tiller, Universal Rotary Tiller or the Rotary Tiller and Stone Burier. You are sure to find the one that will perform to your specifications. A must have for row crops are The Covington Planters. They are designed to fertilize and plant all row crops in one easy operation. The Covington planters provide accurate depth control on uneven land and trouble free planting without clogging from trash or debris. Our lineup of Holland Transplanters and Mulch equipment will be one of the key players in your field. For planting greenhouse tray plug plants, our rotary planting unit is number one in its league. That's why we call it the Rotary One. With only one operator, this efficient machine will plant more than 60 plants per minute. The Conventional Transplanters are Quality designed for time proven results. Their workmanship and materials have made our conventional bare root transplanters the proven leaders for over 65 years. These three models can plant over 50 plants per minute, depending on plant spacings. A variety of optional plant holders are available for different type of seedlings. We also carry Multiple Row Main Frames. They are ideal for mounting two rotary or conventional planter units as a tractor drawn two row transplanter. Our 4" x 4" or 4" x 7" Tool Bars are available in lengths up to 24' and are the suggested choice for growers who prefer a tractor mounted setup. When equipped with our bolt-on CAT II three point hitch, these toolbars make a strong yet versatile setup. They give ample support for carrying the planting units plus fertilizer attachments. The Mulch Planter is designed to plant through the layed plastic mulch without leaving the plastic torn or full of holes. Available with or without fertilizer attachment, The Mulch Layer can lay 48" plastic without tearing, on flat ground or beds. The Mulch Digger eliminates the back breaking job of digging the edges of the plastic out of the field at the end of the season. And heres the Most Valuable Player-- In one pass, (with the optional irrigation attachment), the Model 1245 is the One Pass Shaper / Layer which will: 1.Shape the bed 2.Lay the irrigation tape 3.Lay the mulch Holland also provides many optional accessories to maximize your yields. So you see, with our heart for the farmer and our love for the country we have been able to provide, service and sell helpful tools to handle the specific requirements of each individual grower. Please email us with your questions or needs and we will strive to find best solution and pricing for the Homesteader in you!