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There are many things to do in Da Lat. Here are some options for you in just one day. Of course you're going to stop for meals too, but I've omitted. Also note the rain showers and how that can affect your day. The first thing you should do is have breakfast at the Da Lat Market on the second level. A wide variety of noodle and rice dishes with drinks are available for order. Then, visit a strawberry farm to buy some gifts for friends. There's no need to visit any flower or plant stores unless you plan to buy some. There's not much to see. I do recommend visiting the mysterious spinning wooden table. It really does spin on its own when you say or think a direction. The crazy house is worth exploring for a few hours, unfortunately it was raining so hard and we didn't want to get the camera wet. The train station is a few minutes away and worth checking out if you like train stations. And lastly check out the Truc Lam Pagoda and ride the cable car. There's also a big lake nearby that might be worth checking out, unfortunately the rain made us lazy and so we just went back to the hotel and relaxed. ----------------------------------------­----------- About Me: I'm Kyle Le and I live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and many Asian countries. I'm passionate about making videos and sharing modern Asia to the world. I've traveled everywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon - Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta - I've visited there. In addition to 10+ countries in Asia from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you'll find all of my food, tourist attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my roots in the motherland on this amazing journey right on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- there's new videos all the time and connect with me below so you don't miss any adventures. Subscribe Now: https://goo.gl/tMnTmX More Info: http://www.KyleLe.net Like: Facebook: http://www.fb.com/KyleLe.net Follow: Instagram and Snapchat @KyleLeDotNet Support for more videos. Patreon http://www.patreon.com/KyleLe Buy a T shirt: http://www.kyleledotnet.spreadshirt.com Paypal Donation: https://goo.gl/Ju3qLk Original Music by Antti Luode. Filmed with a Samsung NX500 I produce, film, and edit all videos myself, so I welcome any help Visit: http://www.kylele.net/support to see how you can ensure more videos to come.