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For more news visit ☛ http://english.ntdtv.com You've seen vending machines for soda, snacks, maybe even for expensive electronics. But live crabs? Well in Nanjing, China, a company is experimenting with this new way of providing locals with a favorite food to take home and cook. Vending machines in China's Nanjing subway stations have been equipped with an unusual offering. Rather than your typical sweets and chips, this vending machine sells hairy crabs, a local delicacy. First introduced in October, each machine sells around 200 live crabs daily. Each crab costs between about two to seven U.S. dollars, making it a cheaper alternative to the ones sold in the markets. [Resident of Nanjing]: "You don't have to go to the market, and this is more convenient. And the packaging is more economical and it's really clean." Other residents say the machines save them time. [Resident of Nanjing]: "You can freely choose the types of crabs you want. You can buy either male ones or female ones, and match them according to your own tastes. It helps save many troubles. I think people like me, who are busy with work everyday, will prefer this way." Hairy crabs are a popular local delicacy from the Yangzte River Delta. The seafood specialty is usually offered in markets and restaurants from early October to late November.