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Our Single Wheel Riding Type Rice Transplanter is produced at our modern factory at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. It is the most modern and operator friendly single wheel rice transplanter in the market. Some of its advanced features are - Lightweight Direct Injection diesel engine with aluminum cylinder block for reduced fuel consumption and low vibration. - Electric start takes the drudgery out of starting and makes it extremely women friendly. - 5 gear steering mechanism gives it a near power steering effect resulting minimum operator fatigue. - Tiltable steering to reduce steering effort. - Adjustable seat so that the operator can adjust it to match his/ her height. - 5 hill setting transplanter gearbox with square planting facility 238 x 238mm for SRI cultivation. - Hydraulic lifting for easy ridge crossing - Contoured Polypropylene hollow board to avoid sinking ad smooth movement in soft fields. - Universal planting arms meaning no right and left arms so need to carry less spares. Simple but long lasting planting mechanism reduces maintenance. - NUMBER OF SEEDLINGS PER HILL CAN BE ADJUSTED IN THE RANGE OF 2 – 10 (DEPENDING ON THE NURSERY MAT PREPARED_. - IT IS ADJUSTED BY A SCREW WHICH CAN BE SET IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS Advantages of mechanical transplanting compared to manual transplanting and seed broadcast - 70-80 % more disease resistant - only 7- 12 kg of seed per acre compared to 40-60 kg in manual transplanting - higher yield of 20-30 % - 5 people can do the job of 60 workers - needs only 20 % water as compared to rice cultivation by manual transplanting or seed broadcasting Advantages: Field coverage - Transplanting area in 8 hrs: 4-4.5 acres(1.6 ha)can do the corners of the field as it need only small turning radius Road Transport - Weight 350 kg(with hydraulics, battery & electric start) any 3/4 wheel small truck can be used for transportation. Can travel short distances on its own road wheels Maintenance & spares - Simple to rectify complaints and can be easily repaired in field with the available tools at minimal effort. Good quality spares & parts easily available as it is made in India. Working efficiency in clay soil - Uses hollow float board which can easily float on muddy fields. Ease of Operation - Semi skilled operator is only required and even women can operate the machine easily Planting Arm - Universal arms,no rifgt ot Left,Simple but long lasting mechanism.