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In Conservative Utopia, the streets are guarded by armed citizens who decide whether or not you're free to proceed. And Bunkerville, Nevada, home of welfare cowboy Cliven Bundy, has become just such a place. Heavily armed anarchists, I mean 2nd Amendment endowed patriots, who drove from all over the country to defend Bundy from the big bad government he says doesn't exist, have set up checkpoints around the Bundy ranch, local schools, churches and other community locations, and are asking passersby for proof of residency before they're allowed to go on their way. That's right - a bunch of paranoid nut jobs with guns, from out of state, who have no police authority whatsoever, who constantly fear monger about "da gubmint" doing exactly what they're doing with no authority whatsoever to do it, have established a virtual police state in southern Nevada. And the residents of Bunkerville are pretty pissed off about it. US Congressman Steven Horsford has contacted the Clark County Sheriff to advise him that his constituents are very upset about having a bunch of armed strangers patrolling the federal highways and state and county roads around their town, 24/7. At one point there were a thousand of them, and they want the rest of these hooligans out of Nevada ASAP! Now as you'll recall this whole thing started over Bundy's refusal to pay fees he legally owes the US Government for grazing cattle on government land, because he doesn't recognize the US Government. And now we have the unlawful armed takeover of an American city, whose citizens do recognize the government, abide by the law, and pay their taxes. They're doing EXACTLY what they claim the federal government has no right to do. Imagine if you and a group of friends armed up and set up checkpoints around your neighborhood. How long would do you think that would last? What if the "self-appointed police force" was the Crips or the Bloods in from LA, or those 2 members of the New Black Panthers? Do you really think they wouldn't be in jail already? Who the hell are these people, and why should ANYONE have to answer to them for anything? And how come these great patriots choose to act as a private army for a guy who steals from the taxpayers buy refusing to pay fees on land he doesn't own, but they're not over in the Midwest protecting American landowners from a foreign corporation that's stealing their land, against their will, to build a pipeline? The "Bundy militia" is in clear violation of Title 18, U.S. Code § 2383 regarding rebellion and insurrection. Why is no one enforcing this law? And since Bundy says he regards the US Government as an illegal foreign power, and has stated publicly he's more than ready to shoot it out with any US agents who come near him, doesn't that make him an enemy combatant? What do we usually do to enemy combatants? Where do you think Bundy would be right now if he was a Muslim? Look, I'm no fan of big government either -- who is? I don't agree with a lot of things it does, and I think it has too much power -- but it always has. Back in my glory days they drafted you to fight in wars you were against, and you didn't have a choice in the matter - talk about government overreach! How do you think that would go over today? Me and my friends protested the war peacefully, and I had friends who died in Viet Nam, and I have friends living today with physical and mental health problems from being there. Kent State happened on our watch. Watergate happened on our watch. Iran Contra happened on our watch. The scam of trickle-down economics was launched on our watch. A lot things happened on our watch that weren't right, so I'm no "government lover" by any means. But this is the United States of America - not fucking Yemen! We settle issues with elections and the rule of law, not with guns or mob rule. Cliven Bundy is a cheat, a deadbeat, and a law breaker - and the Fox News, Alex Jones inspired black helicopter, FEMA camp, Fast & Furious, IRS, fake birth certificate, death panel, end of America as we know it, ACORN, Benghazi, Solyndra, secret Muslim, Chinese solar farm, teabagging. Koch sucking yahoos, toting guns around Bunkerville have no legal authority to disturb the peace and safety of its law abiding citizens. Nobody in America should have to put up with this. And by the way, why aren't they back home by now, going to work? Do they even have jobs? Why aren't their kids in school? How is it they can afford to take a month off to vacation in Nevada, show off their what I assume is pretty expensive battle gear, and scare the hell out of Clark County residents, I mean "protect their freedom" by restricting it illegally? I can't afford to take a month off in Vegas - can you? Are they all on welfare? Do they get farm subsidies? Or are there some secret big money donors backing them? What do you think? (Source: letter by US Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada sent to Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie)