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A dream has come true of completely farm-raising bluefin tuna to aid sustainability of marine stocks worldwide From the development of fish farming technologies of commercially important fish to practical models of industry-supporting research and completely farm-raising bluefin tuna, the Fisheries Laboratory aims at attaining the world's highest level of research and education. Completed-cycle culture to replenish depleted fish stocks The bluefin tuna is the most prized of 1he tuna family. It is a large fish that grows to 3 m in length and 500 kg in weight as an adult. As the result of its good taste and high price, it has been overfished in recent years, resulting in the decrease in numbers. As a countermeasure, action has been taken worldwide to reduce catches. Today, a large quantity of the marketed bluefin tuna is farm-raised, which comes from wild-caught seed that have been raised to marketable size. If the fry are overfished, it is foreseen that farm-raised numbers will also decline. To maintain supplies under such severe conditions, technology for completely farm-raising bluefin tuna is needed. This technology Involves raising artificially hatched larvae to adults, collecting eggs from them and artificially hatching those eggs to create the next generation. The fish are farm-raised in all stages without requiring wild stock. fish farm fish farming Tuna Overfishing bluefin tuna, bluefintuna, giant bluefin bigeye tuna tuna nutrition facts how to start fish farming business fish farming blue fin tuna value blue fin tuna migration blue fin tuna pics blue fin tuna habitat how much is a blue fin tuna worth northern blue fin tuna blue fin tuna regulations blue fin tuna images blue fin tuna population blue fin tuna speed blue fin tuna sashimi cost of blue fin tuna big blue fin tuna blue fin tuna farming blue fin tuna for sale blue fin tuna wiki tuna blue fin blue fin tuna endangered blue fin tuna fish most expensive blue fin tuna blue fin tuna size biggest blue fin tuna blue fin tuna sushi blue tuna fish southern blue fin tuna blue fin tuna fishing blue finned tuna blue tuna overfishing in new england overfishing in america overfishing in the united states overfishing problems in the ocean statistics of overfishing articles about overfishing overfished fish list overfishing of the oceans overfishing in florida article on overfishing possible solutions to overfishing overfishing in oceans overfishing the oceans overfishing in the pacific ocean problem of overfishing overfishing the ocean pros and cons of overfishing overfishing of cod facts on overfishing overfishing cod ocean overfishing overfishing laws ways to stop overfishing overfishing in the ocean overfishing facts for kids the effects of overfishing effect of overfishing problems of overfishing history of overfishing how can we stop overfishing how to prevent overfishing overfishing video stop overfishing what causes overfishing overfishing in hawaii solutions for overfishing overfishing in japan how to stop overfishing why is overfishing a problem overfishing effects overfishing in australia solutions to overfishing overfishing articles overfishing solutions effects of overfishing overfishing problems overfishing facts