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http://rmutz.com/commercial-farms-and-farmland-for-sale-in-brazil - Commercial Farms and Farmland for sale in Sergipe Brazil can be found along this Northeastern state and coastal region. Sergipe is made up of mostly savanna (caatinga) towards the inner region and the coastline has strips of tropical rain forests, mangroves, swamps, and beaches. Common produce grown in Brazil include: Coffee, Sweet Potatoes, Sugar Cane, Cattle, Rice, Sheep, Vegetables, Palm Oil, Corn, Chicken, Coconuts, Cassava, Tobacco, Acai, Fish, Peanuts, Fruits, Wheat, Ethanol, Soy Beans, Bio fuels, Sugar Cane, Cotton, Babassu Nuts, Dairy, Pork, Timber,Cashews, Cacau, Macadamia Nuts, and Yams. Purchasing Brazilian real estate is becoming a more popular idea among foreign investors for many reasons we'll get into later. Visit our website in the link above if your researching to buy Sergipe Brazil commercial farmland and farms for sale. We'll be in contact with available Farms based on your investment interests.